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[30 Oct 2007|12:28pm]
pie po magnificent stars float vacuously through jelly clouds of yore.  peculiar sunrise with mild bliss.  does it drink the tea?  not for can i since again it see.

the maritime marauder closes cleanly for shales.  bwah?  cannot the cans not?  i think not.  rest now.  rest now.
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where's sterquilinus when you need him? [23 Oct 2007|03:43pm]
So this autumn, i joined a mens bowling league... its something i haven't done in years.  And well, the third week into it i somehow managed to twist my ankle bad enough to make my 2nd and 3rd games about 70 points less than my first.  ugh... injuries aside (i have an ankle brace thanks to the doc now), my teammates are either employees, retirees or friends of the local kenworth semitruck service department - as you might guess i do tend to be the antithesis to these blue collar guys.  Its quite an odd pairing definitely, but they are a pretty funny bunch of fellas - they tend to share the same view that we're actually on a drinking league and the bowling just tends to follow since the bar has bowling facilities attached to it. :P

Also, in the past few months, i've been to denver and indianapolis and have been at both of their NFL stadiums... however i saw a game at neither, it just so happened to work out that way as i was there for work.  And speaking of which, on my way to denver when flying from dallas to denver and from denver to chicago/o'hare i was upgraded to first class... which is something i've never done before... it sure beats being lined up like sardines in the back of the plane... plus i got free alcohol :D  unfortunately the other legs of the journey were on little puddle skipper jets wherein the seats were designed to make the likes of verne troyer feel squashed.

tonight i go to the zoo with the kidlets as they have volunteered their services this evening for the zoo's halloween festivities.  and then when i get home, after the chilluns go to bed i will proceed to drink heavily and then wake up at 1am so i can take care of some work-related issues at that time.

woodsy the owl says give a hoot, don't commute... just stay at home instead.
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what happened to robotweaker? [05 May 2006|04:18am]
getting older is weird. i'm now in my late 20s, and i work my ass off. as a result, i'm too grounded in the hustle and bustle of the real world. no longer am i able to fantasize about things. i went from dreaming to doing, and i'm not necessarily doing things that are the pursuit of a dream. oddly though, i'm happy for once - for a sloth who loves the sedentary lifestyle, these 60 hour workweeks actually feel fulfilling. i guess that all the soul searching i did for years is coming to an end as somehow the planets aligned and i found my zen. perhaps i am a masochist? corporate slavery and spousal loyalty seem to feed my inner ego. the funny thing is that i know this feeling can't and won't last - i might plateau here for a few years, but then what's next? does the game start all over again for me? does my wisdom carry me further in my life's journey? or is it merely baggage? right now i don't care - i'm just enjoying the present.

while i have no regrets in my life, i often think alot about the "what ifs" - that is, what if i did this or that different when i was younger? what would my life be like now? i want to know because i'm a thinker, but i don't dwell on nostalgic memories either. heck... i can't even say that "robotweaker" reflects who i am these days, as robotweaker was a drugged-out lunatic looking for a purpose in life. no longer drugged-out nor battling mental demons has brought forth my real personality... which, as i have found out, is still shy and largely afraid and untrusting of the world, but master of my own domain. but at least i know who the hell i am now, and is a fact in which i can take solace.

robotweaker may be dead, but i certainly sure as heck ain't.

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hello world [20 Apr 2006|06:17am]
no robotweaker?
i don't update very often
would you like some pie?
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hey [31 Mar 2005|06:20pm]
i'm still here. i rarely write here anymore, but i'm still here nonetheless. i don't even get around much anymore, but in may i will be travelling to chicago to see MONADE play at the abbey pub, which is the same place i saw BROADCAST play two years ago. people in my life passed on. my will to carry on is fed only by virtue of alcohol, zoloft and xanax - its troubling indeed - but not desparate. i believe in god, but does god believe in me? i still work at an office, as a desk jockey - it's the same thing i've been doing for nearly 3 years now, but it pays the bills i guess. but these years haven't been for naught - as i have embarked upon a journey of self-discovery that has been both profound and enlightening. learning about one's self is something many people don't do much of these days. i believe that when you learn about yourself, you can also learn much about the world around you. i'd like to believe that i'm a reincarnation of plato, but the breadth (or non-breadth) of my existence proves otherwise.

clipped from society, i still carry on.
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yabba dabba doo [28 Dec 2004|07:47pm]
[ mood | relaxed ]

i'm not really certain that anyone reads my LJ here anymore.... also, since its been nary 6 months since my last post, i suppose that doesn't really help the matter.

anyways, heres some interesting bits of trivia learned over the last six months

-one of my cats (vicky) will dig out the bones from eaten hot-wings in the garbage (ewwww!)
-i'm finally learning how to play DDR (i think i'm the last person on the planet)
-my musical tastes have changed in that i really now dig the downtempo sound (chill, ambient, lounge, etc...)
-i went from having DSL to going to cable internet and back to DSL all within the time span of 3 weeks
-i bruised the shit outta my left knee that left me almost unable to walk for a few days
-DW is obsessed with the movie "Secretary"
-one of my other cats (junior) escaped for a time and DW found him two weeks later
-i tried a really good beer called T-6 WARBIRD
-i voted for david cobb for president
-watched my brother get piss drunk off of 4 mike's hard lemonades and a shot of tequila (what a fucking lightweight!)
-had my sperm count measured by a lab to find out my number of healthy swimmers is low
-took a college class and got an A
-replaced the EGR valve in the van... had to nearly take apart half of the exhaust system to get at it

there's lots more that's happened, but for now you'll just have to live with the readers' digest version of it.

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[06 Jul 2004|06:41pm]
[ mood | hopeful ]

later on
when the weather changes
we walk up and down
the streets
and make up our own music
to a beat that doesn't exist
and then we eat candy that we bought
from a store that doesn't exist
writing poems
in a notebook that doesn't exist
with a pencil that doesn't exist
and then
when all the birds have flown away
and no one else is looking
we disappear
from a world that doesn't exist
we are truly happy

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[05 Jul 2004|12:28am]
[ mood | amused ]

Nothing is funnier than sucking in a bunch of Helium and then yelling "Break yo-self beeotch!"... I did just that today, and was rewarded with a roomful of warm applause. I should keep a helium tank on-hand just so that when bill-collectors call i can try and convince them that they are talking to a mutant gerbil from Escanaba (or was the Ypsilanti?)...

One of my fellow cave dwellers today bought some pink grapefruit in a jar.... kind of weird, considering i've never tried anything other than fresh, but nonetheless my fiending for naringin was indeed satiated.

We also caught a giant snapping turtle today that weighed no less than 10kg that just happened to be sauntering by on the property.

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[28 Jun 2004|02:12am]
pickles pwn j00!

believe it

let's peel potatoes together sometime, shall we?
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[09 Jun 2004|04:33am]
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[01 Jun 2004|07:23pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

it has recently been brought to my attention that it is apparent that i rarely post here anymore.

well... i have been living my life in a somber tone lately, one that is full of down-tempo bliss and soul-less guilty pleasures. i have been trying to make my peace with others in the real world versus the virtual world. finding serenity in nature has become a habit.

the previous evolutionary phase of the self has been completed, and another chapter begins.

what will this one bring? i won't know until i get there... but for now I have peace with all those around me.

i also happened to have whacked my left knee pretty hard on a piece of cabinetry this last weekend. ow.

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[03 May 2004|10:20pm]
[ mood | artistic ]

Lately my life has been a blur... Lots of stress on multiple fronts compounded by the fact I need something to keep me awake followed by something to put me to sleep each night.

There is a plan set to break the shackles of mediocrity, but like anything else, a plan takes lots of time to bear fruit. My lease is up in April of next year, so around October or so we shall start seriously looking for a house to buy. Shits really cheap around here so as it stands a mortgage will likely take a smaller chunk out of our bank account each month than our current rent.

About the only time I ever feel truly free anymore is when I am alone and listening to music. The music I listen to is that which I choose and it never gets mad at me. I'm not much of a musician myself, so the creation aspect for me is little, but the consumption end is quite great. Since I use music as an escape, perhaps that is why I have been listening to so much chillout as of late. Chillout is relaxing, yet still quite hip with roots in techno, jazz and hip-hop for the most part.

Not even a great movie can do for me what music does... although a good movie can tell a compelling story, a movie makes you think whereas music inspires raw emotion. Although books are definitely inspiring as well, you still cannot escape the cognitive confines you need to interpret the story. Poetry comes closer than books or movies mainly due to their colorful use of adjectives and metaphors and its brevity which pays homage to the ADD-riddled reader. Visual (mostly inanimate) art is inspiring as well, but doesn't strike a chord in my soul as well as music.

Perhaps another day I shall write more so that you too can see through my eyes into my soul. I have nothing to hide anymore. The demons of evil have been excercised from me.

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[29 Apr 2004|06:00pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

I added http://www.livejournal.com/users/natan/ to my list of friends because i saw their avatar which appears to be a crop of the album artwork for dots&loops.

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[26 Apr 2004|08:14pm]
[ mood | content ]

Okay... I bought Röyksopp's album MELODY A.M. the other day, and it is just groovin' my socks right off. This is chill-out to the extreme... even the other half agrees with me and was jammin' right along with it. I highly recommend purchase of this album... Plus if you get the chance to check it out at amazon... take a listen to track #2 "Eple" - I just can't get enough of the syntehsizer grooves on that track!!!

also, I had written a couple of movie reviews for a friend and will just repost them here:

So I finally got around to watching "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" while not on a heavy dose of dxm and it was still fucked up but finally made a bit of sense. If you are a fan of Charles Kaufmann's screen-writing, this movie definitely won't disappoint... Michel Gondry's style of directing certainly added a whimsical feel to the story-telling as it was presented. I would also say that Jim Carrey also is very excellent in a non-humorous role as too which certainly surprised me.

I also got a chance to watch Kill Bill vol.1 this weekend and was not disappointed there either. I will say however that the attention to visual and audio detail in the movie was incredible. You need to see this on a big-screen with a good DTS sound system to truly appreciate it! Tarantino has definitely grown as a director and it shows... the plot is seemless and every scene meshes together perfectly. The movie never slows down, and only continues to build steam - a feat not usually seen in blockbuster films. RZA's (of Wu-Tang clan) scoring of the movie was one of the best I have ever seen - it was non-stop music with each piece suitably tailored to the action.

I would say that this is the first action film to come about that truly encompasses what an anime film done as a live action movie should be. To say that I am salivating to see part 2 would be an understatement.

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[19 Apr 2004|11:03pm]
robotweaker as we knew him is effectively dead.

i am the soul of what was robotweaker and have been reborn.

stay tuned for the rebirth
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[06 Apr 2004|11:44pm]
[ mood | grateful ]

Okay... much mish-mashing aside - stress levels have been astronomical as of late. Looks like I will see the Chicago show with me bro and the Detroit show wif me wifey. I also no longer care that my work is jerking me around because I honestly have bigger und better things to worry about right now.... it's only a paycheck, right?

When inundated with such idotic stress levels I am just inclined to do what I need to do solely to survive (read: pay the bills) and to indulge in more primitive human pleasures. And by primitive, I don't mean that I will pick up a boulder and bash Grok until he is bled dry... what I mean is to find serenity in a hug from another... or to stick headphones on my ears for an hour and let them have my undivided attensch.

The world of art, music, love, familiarity and performance is far more encompassing than the world of business and the rat race as a whole. We as a species would be far more productive if we'd quit competing with each other, and instead conglomerate our efforts universally towards the goal of creating a utopia that can be shared by all. As it were though: taxes, terrorism and technology all seem to impede our progress.

The ultimate high is acheived through love. Only the kind of love that God could provide.... we all seek out and want to radiate this ourselves, whilst simultaneously basking in it only to realize the futility of it all... but yet, being human... I try again... harder and harder everyday. Only when I die will Utopia be achieved... but until then I must wait and toil away in typical humble, human form.

Sometimes I honestly think that my quest for ultimate spirituality and Godliness make me a loner because I don't want to accept religion-in-a-can. Sure, it creates a sense of community to an extent, but at the same time is a form of bondage should you realize the ultimate truth conflicts with your sect's beliefs. I guess it's just a dillema I'd rather not face. I know people don't care about what I've realized or what I will someday realize. I could even be a prophet, but people are better served by seeing the light than being convinced of the message of another.

Home is what you make of it. If you want a family... then, pray tell, do everything in your power to make it so.... and continue to build it every day. But most of all, spirituality is ultimately the glue that binds us... because when the others die all you have left is that spirituality - so it better be damn strong.

sorry to bore y'all... but I just needed to get out what's been in my head a while.

also... in other news, tortoise released a new cd today "it's all around you" get your copy while they are still fresh peeps.


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[05 Apr 2004|06:23pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

For those that don't already know, there will be a spongebob movie that will be released into the theatres in november. I will be certain to get advacne tickets for that.

Also - more on the career change thing:
My company has decided that the software product we now offer to our members will not be offered any longer. They still plan to offer lifeline support and bug fixes for the next five years, but no new sales will happen and no new features will be developed.

They are also planning staff re-assignment so I have been meeting with HR to get myself out of the department as soon as possible. Also, I really don't care if they put me in a non-technical position, however I do care if they try and cut my pay. Why do I care about the pay? Because the company is having another record-setting year for sales and profits and they can afford to keep paying me my current salary (which, IMHO is not terribly egregious or anything). Besides, I already have varied experiences through my fleeting employment with other companies so I could really fit in almost anywhere into the corporate structure (except for perhaps accounting and finance --- YUCK!).

I was initially on pins and needles when I first received the news last week, but by now I really couldn't give a flying fuck. It's just a job.

Also, I am taking 2 3/4 days off this week to ingest various un-controlled (read: legal... at least in the USA) hallucinogenic compounds and see Stereolab play twice. Life couldn't be better.

I am planning on taking some pix of the shows to post here and in the stereolab group for all that wish to see them.

Have a wunderbar day.

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[01 Apr 2004|05:58pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

Mom's ride has like over 6000$ in damage... OUCH! Oh well... the other person's insurance is gonna hafta foot the entire bill.

I also forsee a career change in the coming months here as well... more on this as it develops......

Also, I came across the following at http://www.yak.net/fqa/277.html

What does K-Rad mean? is there a modern alternative to k-rad?
did you ever want to know (one) possible meaning of "k-rad"? well. i have reason to believe it is as follows...

first. k would be an abriviation for kilo. 10^3, or one thousand as you yanks call it. rad of course would be "rad" a term coined somware in the 70s. used in the late late late 70's / most of 80's. k-rad. so. by refering to one's self as k-rad, or refering to an object or action as k-rad would mean someware along the lines of "this object/person/action is rad times 10 to the 3rd power. simple.

now then. with modern abriviations for larger units of measurement encourperated into todays vernacular. k-rad can be safly be phased out, replaced with the much cooler m-rad or g-rad, or even if the situation demands t-rad. mega, giga, and tera respectivly. so. as you can clearly see. my offer, t-rad, is exactly 1000000000 times cooler than k-rad, as t-rad is divisible by k-rad 1000000000 times.

thank you for your time. this symantics / history lesson is freely distributed under the GNU public licence. all users may incorperate this word into their vernacular and even improve upon it as long as all future copies are distributed with these same rights being reserved. remember: copyleft. all rights are wrong.

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[29 Mar 2004|07:14pm]
[ mood | worried ]

me and my brother had a real trip this weekend.

mother was in an accident and here are the pics:

Her car was stopped when she was rear-ended by a young latter jibber-jabbering away on her cell phone. oops!

Fortunately though, my mom fared better than her grand am, which is not drivable. Her back is messed up a bit, but she had a pre-existing condition so its hard to know what the crash did to her.

God smiled upon my mom and kept her safe, and i urge anyone who reads this to say a quick prayer for her speedy recovery.


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[22 Mar 2004|10:35pm]
[ mood | amused ]

Not much comes 'round my parts no mo' so I have to get the wheels turnin' on the ol' robotweaker-mobile and get my ass to another city.

Chicago - April 7th - Vic Theatre
Detroit - April 9th - Majestic

the Joacquim-ness will be taking in Stereolab and Clearlake in copious amounts while ingestining various intoxicating beverages. I might be even be so wise to grab a camera and shoot some of the goodness.

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