slave to the margerine eclipse (robotweaker) wrote,
slave to the margerine eclipse

where's sterquilinus when you need him?

So this autumn, i joined a mens bowling league... its something i haven't done in years.  And well, the third week into it i somehow managed to twist my ankle bad enough to make my 2nd and 3rd games about 70 points less than my first.  ugh... injuries aside (i have an ankle brace thanks to the doc now), my teammates are either employees, retirees or friends of the local kenworth semitruck service department - as you might guess i do tend to be the antithesis to these blue collar guys.  Its quite an odd pairing definitely, but they are a pretty funny bunch of fellas - they tend to share the same view that we're actually on a drinking league and the bowling just tends to follow since the bar has bowling facilities attached to it. :P

Also, in the past few months, i've been to denver and indianapolis and have been at both of their NFL stadiums... however i saw a game at neither, it just so happened to work out that way as i was there for work.  And speaking of which, on my way to denver when flying from dallas to denver and from denver to chicago/o'hare i was upgraded to first class... which is something i've never done before... it sure beats being lined up like sardines in the back of the plane... plus i got free alcohol :D  unfortunately the other legs of the journey were on little puddle skipper jets wherein the seats were designed to make the likes of verne troyer feel squashed.

tonight i go to the zoo with the kidlets as they have volunteered their services this evening for the zoo's halloween festivities.  and then when i get home, after the chilluns go to bed i will proceed to drink heavily and then wake up at 1am so i can take care of some work-related issues at that time.

woodsy the owl says give a hoot, don't commute... just stay at home instead.
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