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robotweaker's Journal

slave to the margerine eclipse
1 January
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I live in the midwest... and it sucks.

Stereolab is my life, I repeat STEREOLAB is my life... they are the Deities sent from above to spread the awesome power of music. You will listen to Stereolab, and you will become a hopeless 'lab addict like myself. Not even methadone will get me off of the 'lab.

I like to meditate and explore my own inner universe through the help of many entheogenic compounds. They say we only use 10% of our brains... I am searching through the other 90% to find out what might be useful to mankind, or to just better the lives of those I love.

I am a zombie, I am a zombie, I am a zombie, I am not a zombie.
2600, 2ci, 2d rpgs, abstract art, absynthe, acid, add n to (x), adult swim, air, aldous huxley, anime, apollo 440, art bell, basements, bjork, black leather furniture, boards of canada, broadcast, canada, care bears, carisoprodol, cats, cbc, cibo matto, clouds, commodore 64, curling, dancesafe, darren aronofsky films, ddr, demons, denki groove, depravity, dexedrine, dextromethorphan, dextroverse, dissociatives, dj symmetric, domo-kun, dora the explorer, dragon quest, dragon warrior, dxm, erowid, exploring the subconcious, fantasies, flat top grill, free speech, g4, gba, glossolalia, golden sun, goldfrapp, googlewhack, hallucinations, hate department, holden, hst, hunter, independent book stores, independent music shops, kittens, kitties, laetitia sadier, lambic, livejournal, lords of acid, lsa, lsd, lucid dreams, maoi, massive attack, mdma, mensa, mercury rev, messy hair, metal lunchboxes, milkdrop, moist towelettes, moog syntesizers, morning glories, mouse on mars, much music, mustard, my kittens, oobe's, orbital, pacifism, paul okenfold, peace, perrey and kingsley, phenethylamines, pihkal, pizzicato five, pluramon, portishead, rabbit in the moon, rainbow brite, raves, red bull, redhat, road geeks, rolling, roni size, rt::3000, saint etienne, sarah cracknell, scooby snacks, shadow creatures, shiny objects, smiles, sonic drive-in, sour cream, space ghost, special k, spumco, starcade, stereolab, stimuli, sugarcubes, super grover, supreme beings of leisure, suzuki grand vitara, talking with aliens, tazers, tenacious d, terrence mckenna, thai food, the wiggles, tiesto, tim gane, tim horton's, tripping, tryptamines, tunnelvision, tweak, venus hum, vicks, whammies, wink, xbox, yaba