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yabba dabba doo

i'm not really certain that anyone reads my LJ here anymore.... also, since its been nary 6 months since my last post, i suppose that doesn't really help the matter.

anyways, heres some interesting bits of trivia learned over the last six months

-one of my cats (vicky) will dig out the bones from eaten hot-wings in the garbage (ewwww!)
-i'm finally learning how to play DDR (i think i'm the last person on the planet)
-my musical tastes have changed in that i really now dig the downtempo sound (chill, ambient, lounge, etc...)
-i went from having DSL to going to cable internet and back to DSL all within the time span of 3 weeks
-i bruised the shit outta my left knee that left me almost unable to walk for a few days
-DW is obsessed with the movie "Secretary"
-one of my other cats (junior) escaped for a time and DW found him two weeks later
-i tried a really good beer called T-6 WARBIRD
-i voted for david cobb for president
-watched my brother get piss drunk off of 4 mike's hard lemonades and a shot of tequila (what a fucking lightweight!)
-had my sperm count measured by a lab to find out my number of healthy swimmers is low
-took a college class and got an A
-replaced the EGR valve in the van... had to nearly take apart half of the exhaust system to get at it

there's lots more that's happened, but for now you'll just have to live with the readers' digest version of it.
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